A deposit is an amount tenants pay (in most cases it’s equivalent to a month's rent, however, it may vary depending on the landlord rules) it’s a warranty to the landlord that the tenant will maintain the property in good condition by the end of their stay. The deposit can be used to cover any damage caused by the tenant to the property. It is neither a rent payment nor payment for utilities. If the property doesn’t suffer any damages and it’s been handled according to the contract the amount of your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay. Nevertheless, according to Spanish law the landlord has up to 60 days to return the deposit.

We recommend that clients contact MadridEasy through our messaging system and our social cluster, if any doubts or questions should arise prior to booking, so that all details regarding accommodations, check-in/checkout, availability, pricing and any other question can be reviewed. We value our guests’ privacy, and never share personal financial information. Additionally, the exchange of contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and websites are always confidential and secure.

In most cases pets are not allowed, for example, when sharing a property. But if you are renting an entire property on your own, we would inform the owner and ask if it is possible to have a pet in the property. The decision rests upon the landlord therefore it’s important that you inform us your desire to bring your pet before you book so we can verify the availability of pet-friendly accommodation.

MadridEasy offers a wide variety of properties all over Madrid. Ranging from a shared room to an entire private property, properties are categorized into the following four types:

  • Room in Shared apartment: For those who don’t mind sharing a space with other guests for a comfortable, communal experience. These rooms work best for students and young professionals looking for a budget-friendly stay.
  • Host Family: For those who prefer living with other families yet still value a local connection. Wake up to greet your “family members” in the kitchen and have the chance to wish them goodnight at bedtime. This is a great option for those who are out exploring all day.
  • Entire apartment: For those who are seeking a home away from home experience. Have complete privacy and freedom to roam and kick your feet up. Be your own boss, follow your own rules, and just remember to treat the property with the respect and courtesy you would at your own home.
  • Room in Student Residence: For those who are looking forward to make friends and who don’t mind sharing space with others, plus this type of accommodation may offer a meal plan option for those still working on their cooking skills.

In order to guarantee you a great experience, we encourage users to make their decisions based on the tools we provide at MadridEasy. You can ask any questions directly through our secure messaging system to find out more about a listing. If you have arrived in Madrid and you wish to view a listing, message us so we can arrange a viewing, just please click on “contact us” and we’ll be happy to assist you. In order to provide you with the best service please request your viewing a couple of days in advance.

  1. Get started by entering your destination and, dates. Then select the “Search” button.
  2. Narrow your search results by using the filters you will find on the page. You can sort by price, neighbourhood, type of accommodation, desired amenities, and more.

You can enter your chosen area in Madrid, entry and exit dates in our search engine. Only the available properties for your area and dates of choice will be displayed. After you’ve chosen a property, below its photos is a calendar that shows its availability per month.

To find out additional details about the place, click on “Chat with Us” . We can answer directly to give you any extra information you will like to know.

It is important to plan accordingly and ensure that the listing is a good fit. This includes making sure that the listing can accommodate you and your group. There may be several norms and rules regarding specific locations, so please pay attention to the listing details.


1. Browse through our “search bar” and explore our housing options: Room,Entire Aparment, Host Family and Residence. When you find exactly what are you looking for. Booking is really easy. You need to select the dates to check the availability. If the property is available for the selected dates, all the payments details will automatically appear. Then you have to click “Book” and proceed to follow the steps on the checkout page to send a booking request. If you have questions or any doubts will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions via chat, email or phone. Be aware of the cancellation policies, read it very carefully before booking. Also take in count the entire listing description and house rules.

When you click the “Book” button, you are immediately taken to a checkout page. From there you have the ability to double check the details of your request (measure twice, cut once!), then complete all the details regarding information to proceed to reserve the listing.There is a 48 hour confirmation time, please take in count our working hours.

The “Instant Book” feature provides immediate confirmation of your reservation. This is only available for some properties on our site. This feature is available to anyone, just initiate the booking process as usual, but instead of waiting for a host to accept, you will receive an instant confirmation of your reservation. If the “Instant Book” feature is not available, you will be notified within 48 hours. Upon any doubts, please check our working hours.

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail and your reservation will show up as accepted and confirmed.

When you have booked an accommodation with us you will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation of the property you have selected. Please keep this with you until you arrive and settle in, this is a good way to resolve any problems that may arise

Once you have secured and accommodation and payment has been made a confirmation page will appear on your screen which you can print. But also keep in mind that you will receive this confirmation via e-mail.

As long as you cancel 30 days before your arrival date, you are free to change or cancel the request without penalty. For more information please check our Cancellation Policy.

Please contact us with the new dates to verify the posibility to change the reservation dates.

If, as a Tenant, you decide to cancel your booking you would have a period of minimum 30 days prior to your arrival to cancel your requested booking if you wish to receive total reimbursement of the deposit payment made*. Cancellations made at least 15 days prior of a tenant's arrival will result in only 50% reimbursement. And cancellations done less that 15 days prior of a tenant's arrival will result in no reimbursement. *Fees are non-refundable.


We have reservation a platform that allows you to made the payments online before checking in.Your first payment will consist of your 1st month rent and our service fee (which you only pay once). Upon your arrival you have to pay the deposit to the Landlord. We collect your payment information at the time you submit your reservation request. When a reservation is completed, payment is collected in full, however, rest assured your payment is secured.

MadridEasy only accepts payments made in Euros (€).

We accept all major credit cards and bank transfers. Depending on your country of residence, not all methods or credit cards may be available and conditions may apply

Our payment system is more secure and reliable than handling money on your own. We protect you from fraud and illicit behavior when a reservation has been requested, you will be charged upfront in full. Should you choose to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded if you cancel 30 days before your arrival date. Our system is specifically set up so that your money is safe until you have successfully checked in.

We accept all major credit cards, but foreign cards may be charged an additional overseas transaction fee by the issuing bank. We also accept bank transfers, but bear in mind that most times there is an international bank transfer fee.

MadridEasy accepts all major credit cards. Be sure that you have entered all of your information correctly and that your card has not expired. If it still does not work you may need to contact the issuing bank or your credit card company directly. Common problems include: exceeding the imposed daily limit, expired cards, unrecognizable merchant, incorrect ZIP Code or security code.

Check In

You are all set! Enjoy your stay. And we’ll see you every month and/or at the end of your stay. However, if you have questions, doubts, or you feel unsafe, contact us and we will do everything in our power to resolve the matter.

After your reservation is accepted, you must inform us as soon as possible of your arrival information. Once we have received this information, MadridEasy team will contact you to arrange the check in time and exchange the keys.

If there is a problem with your accommodation just contact us and we will send someone to assess the situation and resolve the problem as soon as possible

Scammers constantly reinvent themselves, one common theme is asking to take payments offline. To avoid being scammed it is recommend to always conduct your transactions via our secure payments platform. If your transaction happens offline and we have no record of it, it is almost impossible for us to assist you. We also offer an entire section dedicated to Trust & Safety and encourage members to educate themselves. Any of the following key words mentioned during a message exchange should be flagged and avoided: Western Union, Money Gram, Cashier's Check or Money Order, Liberty Reserve etc. If you feel you have been scammed, please contact one of the following resources.

To ensure the safety and security of our users, we require all messaging to be handled through the site. This enables us to maintain your privacy, provide you with customer service, and adhere to the Terms of Use. All reservation details can be worked out in the message thread, we strongly encourage you to communicate with us to answer any additional questions you may have.