As December is here, it means holiday times are right around the corner. Christmas is huge here in Madrid. The lights are up in the streets, and Christmas themes can be found everywhere. Not only is Christmas big, but as a traditionally Catholic nation, Three Kings Day might even be bigger than Christmas. This day celebrates the day the three Kings, Wise Men, or Magi (whichever is referred) followed an illuminating star to gift the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is celebrated on January 6th and usually people, children particularly, in Madrid do not open Christmas gifts until this day. Nonetheless whether you choose to open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Three Kings Day, there are tons of related activities to do during this holiday time. Below are 5 holiday activities that you can participate in!


  • Christmas Light

The city Christmas lights are on daily from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and extended to 11:00pm on weekends (Thursday’s as well). One Christmas Eve the lights are on until 3:00 am. From Christmas day until New Year’s day the lights are on until midnight. On New year’s, the lights stay on until 6:00am. The lights come back on January 5th from 6:00pm until 3:00am for Three Kings Day.


  • Navibus

“Navi” for Navidad, which is Christmas in Spanish. This is a tour bus which specific tours the Christmas lights of Madrid. There is a bus that leaves every 5 minutes from Calle Serrano. This tour lasts about 50 minutes and only costs 2 euros per person. This is such a great deal for such an amazing tour! Additionally, there are Christmas tours! This includes: Christmas cycling, Christmas for runners, Christmas traditions, and many others. Research more to find your fit!


  • Christmas Market

This holiday season you can see Plaza Mayor has been transformed into a market place. It offers Food, Jewelry, Candles, Gifts, Costumes, and Christmas related items. It is definitely interesting market to check out.


  • Nativity Scenes

This country does not fall short on Nativity scenes. The tradition depiction of baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph causes the formation of lines at churches and other well known buildings. Head to any Catholic church and you’re bound to find a Nativity scene.


  • Ice Skating

During this time of the year you will find many temporary ice staking rinks. They usually cost about 5 euros per person for an hour. I’m sure you could get away with more than an hour. Gloves are required but available on site for purchasing.