5 Plans to do in Madrid if you are a night owl


Welcome night owl you are not alone, in Madrid there are plenty of plans to do in the early morning, let’s see them:

1.Eat Spaghettis at 5am:blog2

Who haven’t come to home after party killing the fridge?  That’s why in Leidy Pepa a typical bar in the Malasaña neighborhood, offers an incredible after party, and YES, spaghettis.


Where: San Lorenzo 5, Malasaña

Hour: They are open until 6:30am on weekends.


  1. Skate in Cuesta de Moyano (between Atocha & El Retiro)blog3

    This is a famous place for books lovers and skaters. It has a big slope where you can have a good day and have owl’s fun.




  1. Walk the dog in Madrid Rio:blog4


There’s a plenty of people that used to go walking at midnight in this park, it’s the perfect hour for not meet a big family that could bother your relaxing atmosphere.






  1. Have dinner at midnight:

Every time there’s more restaurants that doesn’t closed it kitchens at night. For example Le Cabrera (Barbara de Braganza 2, Colon district) restaurant closed the kitchen at 2:00am or if you like hamburgers Cafeteria HD (Guzman el Bueno 67, Moncloa district) could be a better choice!





5.Have breakfast too early:blog6

dHave a great night breakfast could be a good plan, if you like Churros, tapas, beer, after, whatever you l
ike Bar Iberia (Glorieta de Ruiz Jiménez 4, Bilbao district), could be the nice plan.