EspañolSpanish is a very diverse language. From Latin America, Europe, and even Africa, Spanish has influence, culture and location. In Spain alone there are many languages spoken along with Spanish, yet Castilian Spanish is spoken nationwide. Additionally, there is some terminology which is original to Spain. Anyone planning on studying abroad, teaching, or moving to Spain should know these terms before going to Spain.


  • ¿Qué tal? = How are you?

This is your daily greeting when you see someone for the first time (that day or ever). The usual response is bien, or good in English. Depending on the relationship, try to respond honestly, if you’re not good then say that, No estoy bien.



  • Vale = Ok

This is the word you probably will hear most. It’s for affirmation. Translating to okay, alright, sounds good, I understand, etc. Remember this word, use this word. It will make you more Spanish already!



  • Buenas = Hello

This word is interchangeable with hola, and you may hear one more than the other.

Greeting Bear


  • No pasa nada = Don’t worry about it

Spaniards are very chill. In fact, there is no translation for the expression, “You hurt my feelings”. It’s all good with them, most of the time, and don’t take things personally.




  • ‘Sta logo = See you later

This is how most people say goodbye. It’s the shortened form of hasta luego. This is often used more than adiós.

These easy words or phrases are used heavily and known everywhere in Spain. Adding these words to your Spanish vocabulary will bring you one step closer to becoming a Spaniard yourself! Spanish is a global language with minor difference in vocabulary worldwide. It is important to know your region, to keep you better integrated into the society.