Popping the question can be stressful and nerve racking on its own, but finding the perfect place is even harder. Most of us will pick where we met our significant other; a first date, picnic spot, first kiss spot, sky’s the limit. But what happens if these places are somewhere else and you find yourself in a foreign country? Well if you happen to be in Madrid and it is time to tell your future wife or husband that it’s time to get hitched below we have a few suggestions that we think might be good choices to drop down on one knee.

1. Templo de Debod

Nothing can beat watching a sunset with the one that you love right by your side. With the added backdrop of Madrid’s charming Egyptian temple, a sunset can be exactly what the love doctor ordered. The temple was originally donated by Egyptian officials to the city of Madrid by way of a thank you for some construction work. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it provides the perfect place for a romantic picnic as it has one of the most beautiful views of the west of Madrid. Once darkness falls, the temple is illuminated by numerous colorful spotlights which will make a sunset proposal all the more romantic. Once she/he has said yes and the water works start, you guys can walk the adjoining Parque Del Oesle for a moonlit stroll and stop along one of the many restaurants for a bite or drink.

2. Parque del Retiro

Do we even have to mention this place?  The lush green walkways and central boating lake make this the ideal places to get down on a knee. Once you have sealed the deal, there are numerous nearby cafes where you will be serenaded by interesting street musicians and performers. This place was originally created as a Royal Park and treating your special some one like royalty would be an ideal thing on this  day. If you want the air to be filled with a delicious scent when you pop the question then the Rosaleda or Rose Garden would make a great place.

3. El Museo del Romanticismo

The museum of Romance in Madrid offers a unique blend of culture and romance. It’s devoted to showing what life was like in Madrid in the 19th century and famously houses romantic exhibits which include important pieces by famous leading artists of that period. You cannot fail to be swept away in a huge romantic bubble as it has been designed to totally capture the essence of 19th century Madrid. At only three Euros entry fee, you can afford to splash out on an expensive meal after she has accepted your proposal.

4. Plaza de Oriente

This royal palace once had aspirations to be the Spanish Versailles. There are plenty of activities including Madrid’s opera house, sophisticated cafes and one of Spain’s cultural temples. From the Plaza De Oriente you can take advantage of some of the very best sunset views in Spain. At the center of the plaza it’s gloriously lively and bustling with people. There’s an equestrian statue of Philip IV which was built in the 19th century, and beautiful trees and gardens surround this statue. Because it’s located so closely to the Royal Palace and the Royal Theater, it’s a very popular place for tourists. However, a sunset proposal would be perfect here as it quietens down after early evening.

5. El Palacio Real

The Royal Palace is Madrid’s most beautiful and largest building and it looks out on the equally attractive Plaza de Oriente Square. The palace was built in the 18th century and houses a museum and art collection which is a massive draw for tourists. It was decorated to suit the tastes of Carlos III and is extremely lavish. You can wander through the various banqueting halls and historical rooms before coming to the vast courtyard. At the side of this courtyard there is a breathtaking view of the countryside and on a clear day, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view. The palace is steeped in history and the views are so stunning that you are bound to find the perfect place to propose.