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El Rastro is the most popular open air flea market in Spain, located in La Latina, just at the center of Madrid. Lots of people go through the streets of the neighborhood every Sunday watching the numerous market stalls. But just a few of them knows the real spirit of El Rastro; divers commerces, located in the streets of the market, real stores that open every day and offers a different and owned personality.


This association was born in 2010 with the purpose of advertising and support the neighborhood El Rastro. They pretend to revitalize and promote the activity of all these commerces, establishments and centers of cultural and artistic activities in the area. They are made up of several businesses, which expect to defend an open commercial area every day and a commitment to quality in order to contribute their works to the artistic, social and economic recovery of the neighborhood.

The principal categories of the objects you can find in are:rastro MAP

– Antiques and auctions

– Paintings and restoration

– Decoration, atrezzo and gifts

– photography, production and events

– Toys and military

– Books and records

– Collectibles and curiosities

– Clothing and fabrics

– Vintage – retro

– Samples and snacks.

Different from most of people think, and unlike the stalls that generally characterize El Rastro, the stores of the association are open every day. So it is not necessary for you to wake up early on Sundays and subject yourself to the crowd that go all over the neighborhood forming rows on the streets to see the stands.

Shortly we will bring you some of these stores, so you can discover the real magic of this business and the peculiarity of the objects in them. By the moment here we share a video “El Rastro (Diary of a travel)” where two foreign girls describe and enjoy the experience of traversing El Rastro.