New Year's Eve in Madrid


Whether you realize it or not, many countries have their own traditions for bring in the New

Year. New Years is celebrated around the world and is a time to look forward to a new start.

Essentially New Years has the same meaning on a global scale, however the rituals are what makes the

day unique around the world. Spain has carried its own unique tradition from as far back as the 1800’s.

New Year’s celebrates are huge in Madrid. People fill the streets in celebration.

Spain welcomes New Year
Spain welcomes New Year


Spain has a tradition known as the eating of the 12 grapes. For this tradition people prepare 12

grapes, for each individual, and eat them as soon as the clock strikes midnight. It is believed that the 12

grapes represent the 12 months of the year. Eating the grapes at midnight will bring one good luck and

fortune for the new year. This is believed to have been started by the King of Spain (unsure of which

one) but the tradition has stuck until today.

Grapes for New Year's
Grapes for New Year’s


Additionally, there is the tradition of the ringing of the bells in Spain as well. At midnight places

like Puerta del Sol become the center of this celebration. Thousands gather for this ritual along with the

views from home, as this event is televised across the country. The bells announce the arrival of the new


Fuegos Artificiales
Fuegos Artificiales

These events are enjoyed by many Spaniards along with the tourist here at the time. It can be a

very different concept for foreigners, however it appears to be loved by all. Do you plan on spending

your new years in Madrid? Make sure you buy your grapes and head to Puerta del Sol early, I’m sure it

will be packed with tons of people. Also remember to look out for pickpocketers, they will be looking for

their victims. Aside from the negative, it will be a great celebration, and one to always remember!