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Booking for Students is a platform that combines housing, additional services, community, trips, and internships to facilitate for the rapid integration of those who have just arrived in Spain. The three pillars that make up the foundation of our company are fair prices, personalized attention, and quality of services. We are more than just a tool, we are a union of technology and highly specialized employees who will try to develop a personal connection with each customer to help with the issues they might have.


Our Goals

  • To provide a variety of quality housing options and support services for an easy arrival, stay, and departure for students, professors, and researchers
  • To promote cultural integration with events, activities, and trips with your peers
  • To provide high quality internships


How Do We Do It?

Booking for Students counts on its physical offices and reception team which are in charge of the development of everything that new arrivals could need:


We have all types of housing available to you including single rooms, full apartments, dormitories, and homestays spread all over Spain. All of our properties are located in safe areas in the best districts of each city and are:

  • Close to or at least well connected to the principle campuses of the university where you will be studying or working
  • Equipped with all the furniture and appliances you will need to feel at home
  • Personally inspected before you check in to make sure that everything is perfect
  • Connected to the internet

Services offered

  • Free check in Monday through Friday. If you sign up for our premium service package, then you will be able to check in for free on the weekends depending on where you are leasing. Regarding the check-in process, you will be given the keys and a description of the leased room including an explanation of the electrical appliances and utilities and everything else in the apartment. You will also receive an inventory of everything in the apartment and its current condition.
  • You will be able to tour the apartments of your choice for free. You will not pay anything until you sign your lease agreement, so if you decide you don’t like the apartment you won’t be charged.
  • Cleaning services. You will be able to contract cleaners for when you will need their services and the cleaning expenses are included in the estimate.
  • Airport pick up
    • Offered 24/7
    • Trained driver who speaks both Spanish and English
    • Mid-sized cars and if necessary larger vans to take you to your final destination
    • All with insurance and safety guarantees


  • First weeks’ worth of groceries
    • Basic Package
      • 1L of milk, instant coffee, a box of cereal, a box of cookies, and 4 yogurt cups
    • Essentials Package
      • Basic package, a loaf of sliced bread, a tub of cheese spread, a package of vacuum sealed York ham, and a 1.5 L bottle of mineral water
    • Optimum package
      • Basic package, essentials package, one vacuum sealed pizza, a box of pasta, a tub of butter, a bottle of tomato sauce, laundry detergent, and fabric softener


  • Bed and bath kit
    • Linen Kit
      • Body towel, hand towels, and bath rug
    • Hygiene kit
      • Toilet paper (4 rolls), travel-sized tooth paste and brush, body wash (60ml), and hand soap


  • Telephone
    • The phone option includes
      • SIM card rental
      • Standard phone and rental SIM card
      • Upgraded phone and rental SIM
    • The plan includes
      • Calls (outgoing and incoming)
      • Texts (outgoing and incoming)
      • Both calls and texts (outgoing and incoming)
    • Customer service
      • Office to contact
      • Virtual number
      • Alternative to roaming on the Euro SIM card


  • Legal counsel for
    • Registration of residency
    • Visas
    • Consular problems


  • Insurance
    • Preferred access with one of the best travel insurance companies in Spain, Mapfre
    • Approval services for access to the Spanish University System. We offer you all the administrative help and support to make the process as inexpensive and painless as possible.

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