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What our landlords say



Complete Management of Expenses.

MadridEasy, apart from finding a tenant who manages all the expenses and rent, has complete or partial control over the property and pays the bills directly. A property owner doesn’t need to worry about managing the expenses of the tenants in his or her property. That also includes managing the expenses if damages occur in the property, unless of course the property owner chooses to become involved in the process.

Complete Management of Check-ins & Check-outs.

Once a property owner grants the company control over his or her property we manage when tenants move in and when they move out of the property.

No commission on first month’s rent.

Unlike real estate agencies, we do not charge a fee to property owners.

No Communication Problems.

Madrideasy constantly keeps property owners informed of everything that is pertinent to their property.

We follow the rules and conditions set by owner.

If a property owner has a specific set of rules or conditions, we follow them and communicate them to the tenant if needed.

Maintenance Handling.

If the property needs something fixed or altered, we first communicate it to the property owner, and ask for permission to proceed with the maintenance work. If the problem was caused by normal wear and tear, then the owner will receive a bill for said maintenance, if it was caused by the tenant, then the tenant will be charged.

Temporary/continuous contracts available. A property owner can opt for a temporary contract with MadridEasy and after the end of such contract the property owner can choose to renew it or not. He or she can also opt for a continuous contract with MadridEasy.


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